struggle for the relationship!!!

I am always struggling for the interpersonal relationships among my friends. I don’t know how to handle it better, in fact, I know it is hard for us to make everybody happy, it is obvious that when I satisfy one friend’s desire, another maybe will be hurt, still I want to make both sides  satisfied with my decision. So in my tangled  state of mind, I am really trying hard to find a way to deal with this relationship well.

Here is a problem I must face, I will move out from the school dorm the end of next month, I need to rent house, my friend has great passion to live with me so she  invited me to live with them, well,everything seems great. I don’t need to find house by myself, don’t need to face the problem of new roommate, awesome! What I really care about is just two aspects:

First,  I need to pay a considerable higher fee for the new house, it is located near Lincoln center, you can imagine the price, after all, I am just a student and rely on my parents, it seems so hard to tell them they need to afford the high rental just because I want to stay with my friend. But once I keep a long distance with her, it is clear that we two will not be as close as now. I cannot imagine this situation.

Second is that after she heard about my worry on economic issues, she expressed her idea that she can pay more than me so that we can share the house together, it is amazing, but I think it is really not fair for her to undertake the premiere fee, I have a great mental burden now.

OMG, Housing Problem, to be or not to be, it is a problem.

Maybe I have  selecting phobia, could you give me some suggestions? Get confused about the issue…


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